Newsletter – April 2018

Thanks To:

Mel Flory and Christine Berry for the refreshments this month and to those who help put out and tidied up the chairs and also donating plants to the plant stall.

Welcome to:

New member Marion Forrester from Orleton

Don’t Forget:

  • This month’s speaker is a change to the published programme.

Helen Picton will be speaking this month on “Daisy Days”

  • If you haven’t already let us have your new membership form, please remember to bring it along as if you don’t return them before the 25th May, we can no longer contact you.
  • The Form for the visit to the Welsh Lavender Farm is now on our website and will be available on Club night.

Another change to the programme:

As many of you will be aware, the Village Hall Committee now have the funds in place to update the kitchen.  Work is due to start on the 4th June and whilst they have been told it will take three weeks, your committee has decided that this is too close to our Orleton open gardens and supper.  It has therefore been decided to cancel for this year – look out Orleton, we will want to visit your gardens next year – and an afternoon visit to Stockton Bury Garden has been arranged.  Many of you will remember Tamsin Westhorpe talking to us last November.  Forms are available this month and on the website.

This is YOUR club and we need help:

Many of those on the committee have been there for years and are beginning to creak at the seams!  We are therefore looking for one or two people to be co-opted onto the committee – it is NOT an onerous job, a meeting once a month and probably a job on Club night.  Use of a computer and/or iPad essential as most of our communications carried out this way.

We are also looking for volunteers to help on Club night.  We urgently need someone to learn how to set up the audio equipment.  Some of you will know the Jeremy Howell-Thomas, who normally does this, is in Hospital and our first relief – your Chairman Nick – is away this month.  The set up will therefore fall on the shoulders of our second relief – Eddie Clanzy-Hodge and Eddie should be doing other jobs on Club night.

If this member, or any other member who is interested, is also a computer buff and could translate our monthly newsletter onto a slide show, we could go back to having this up on the screen, during set-up, for the benefit of those who don’t use technology.  The Hall has the technology; we just need someone to do it!!

Please see a member of the Committee if you are willing to help in any way.

Plant Sale – 20th May – a message from Hilary:

Hi all, can I push for more plants, flower and vegetable, cuttings and divided plants for the Plant Sale,  this is a big opportunity for the club to raise funds so that we can have even more, exciting speakers to come and talk to us. It is also a good opportunity to advertise our skills and talents to the local community and entice others to join.

We will be trying once again to have a gardening bric a brac table so if you have any redundant, but in good working condition, items of a gardening nature could you bring them along at the next meeting or on the day.

Secondly we need volunteers on the day to help set up the hall, put up and price the plants and sell during the afternoon.  Crib sheets will be provided to help price plants up for sale.

Volunteers will be needed from 11.00 am on the 20th.  A list will be sent around the hall at the next meeting on the24th April; more so I can put faces to names.

Anyone needing help sending plants to the sale could they please contact a member of the committee or if you wish you can deliver them to the drive of Christine and John Berry’s home at Berrybrook, Millbrook Way, Orleton.

Also Di Howell-Thomas is looking for volunteers to make cakes and help with the teas on the day.  Please see either Di or Pat Robertson to let them know you can help.

38TH ANNUAL SHOW – Saturday 18th August 2018:

Gardens are full of spring colour and yet under grey gloomy skies they tend to appear dull and lifeless.  Battered by wind and what seems like never ending rain, none of the bulbs seem to have reached their full potential this year.  The urge to get out into the vegetable plot or flower borders is beginning to return however, with the promise of some sunshine at the end of the week.  So this month is again highlighting show preparations we can do indoors.

Section D – Preserves

51         Jar of marmalade

52        Jar of raspberry jam

53        Jar of Jam, any other variety

54        Jar of fruit jelly (smaller sized jars are permitted)

55        Jar of lemon curd (may be sieved)

56        Jar of pickles (put list of ingredients on back of jar)

57        Jar of chutney (put list of ingredients on back of jar)

A full list of presentation notes may be found under Section D in the Show Schedule 2018.

Copies of the Schedule are available on club nights, from Orleton village shop, or can be downloaded from our website

So come on members.  Get creative and let’s produce a really good display of preserves at this years Show.  Your Show Committee are relying on you.

Next meeting:

Our speaker on 29th May is Bill Laws giving a talk on ‘The Plants that changed the course of History’.