Newsletter – April 2021

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As the Road Map out of lockdown seems to still be on track, your Committee are progressing full steam ahead with the plans outlined in last month’s newsletter.

Next Meeting

Although the Village Hall is planning to reopen on the 17th May, we would still have to be 2 metres apart and wearing masks so we feel we have made the right decision to start back with a plant sale on 29th June. Further details will be announced nearer the time.

Full details of the first three months can be found on our programme pages.

Details of September, October and November will be published next month, so fingers crossed we can continue to something like near normal!

15th August – Annual Show:
As last year would have been our 40th Annual Show, despite the changes we have made to allow for social distancing, we have decided to stay with the Floral Art classes published last year, apart from one class change and one small change to another class.  This has all been checked and approved, including her suggestion of the class title, with our Floral Art Judge Sarah Wood.

The Classes are as follows:

  1. Celebrating 40 years Open to your interpretation
  2. Green and White A contemporary design
  3. A posy in a glass Miniature arrangement, no more than 6” (15 cm) wide and 8” (20 cm) height, garden flowers and foliage
  4. A basket of flowers Beginners only
  5. What got me through Lockdown Accessories allowed and written explanation required

As we said last month, Floral Art will be displayed in the small hall so there is plenty of space to get your imagination working, especially on Class 79!

Your Show committee is just finalising the details for the Show Schedule and this will soon be sent to our webmaster to put it on the website.

As no membership cards have been issued this year, if you need a reminder of your membership number for your Show entries just send an email to the Club email address. 

Peat Free April:
You may have seen in the press or on social media that the month of April is designated ‘Peat Free April’ to highlight the issue of the use of peat in the horticultural industry, so we thought it might be useful to share a few facts with our members.

Huge amounts of peat are sold in bagged compost and yet we know that peat bogs are rapidly disappearing.  This means the loss of a rare and special habitat, but also the destruction of one of the earth’s greatest carbon stores as peat bogs hold more carbon that all the world’s forests combined.  Buying peat destroys the planet and it simply isn’t necessary.

Sadly nearly 95% of the UK peat bogs are damaged or have been destroyed. Garden plants don’t actually need peat, whereas bog plants growing in the wild do.

Alternatives to peat have improved over the last 10 years, and the top brands perform excellently.  If you tried it 10 years ago without success do give it another go. You really can grow show stopping produce and flowers without resorting to peat.  You may however have to adapt your practices a little, for example peat free compost tends to look dry on the top when it is not dry underneath, so to avoid overwatering try picking up trays or pots to assess whether they need watering.

This is an extract of an article kindly written for us by Marjan Bartlett-Freriks, and the full article can be found on our website under “News and Views

NGS Shropshire
Details of gardens being opened under the NGS Shropshire can be found on their website, and, of course, you can search for gardens further afield too.

And last but not least:
Welcome to new members, Judy Knight from Ludlow and Noella Plasman-Jones from Hereford.

Keep safe and keep gardening.


Ps Remember I still have gloves, vermiculite and root trainer replacement cells and you can still order from Marshalls (which includes Unwins) and T&M and that orders have to be placed through me to get your discount.