Newsletter – August 2020

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Normally, at this time in August, we would be wandering around our gardens keeping an eye on what we would be entering in the Show this coming Saturday!  This one was special because it would have been our 40th.

We would be protecting our flowers in case they got damaged by rain (which we desperately need!) because Maurice would find the bugs on our Dahlias, we would be preparing our onions, garlics and trying to keep the flowers on our courgettes, and hoping we had enough ripe tomatoes for David to inspect.

The only good side to all this preparation is that the entries we have made for Pat and Geoff to judge can be consumed at home or by friends!

However, not this year!  The Schedule was all ready thanks to Gill and Marjan so we have decided to keep it the same next year – no rush to get it ready – and it will keep the name of our 40th annual show as it will be!

Gill, Marjan and I had it in our diaries for last week to get together to collate the Stewards packs, fortunately we had not had the Certificates printed as these would have been wasted with the 2020 date on them.

In my April update, I advised that the RHS would be unable to get the Banksian Medals prepared in time for any summer shows and suggested that, when they are able to send it to us, we may wish to award the medal to a member of the Club who:

“during these difficult times, helped your members and your community the most.  This is a unique opportunity to recognise someone awesome in your club with an RHS medal.”

 I did receive one nomination but, as we still haven’t received the medal there is still time for you to send your suggestions to the Club email address.

The Club has been approached by Tony Haigh, who is looking after the gardens at The Boot, for shrubs for the garden to make it easier to maintain. Either excess to members needs or if someone wanted to re-home one that had got too big or in the wrong place.

Tony realises that it is the wrong time to be re-homing plants, but you could let him know if you will have anything at the right time.  Or if you have anything suitable that is in a pot that you are willing to donate you can contact Tony on


The normal open gardens programme by St Michael’s Hospice has been greatly restricted this year but they have arranged an open garden on the 6th September at Lemore Manor.  This garden is not often open to the public as it is a venue used for weddings, etc.


Maybe you are not visiting gardens this year due to the ongoing situation, so here is a chance to visit a garden without leaving your home.

The garden at Heath House is usually opened each year to raise funds for Hopton Castle Church.  As this was not possible this year, the owners have filmed a virtual tour instead.

It can be seen by clicking here : Heath House Virtual Garden Tour

If you hear of any interesting articles or any places of interest that are reopening, then please let me know via the Club email address.

Keep safe and keep gardening.


Jane has written the next edition in her “Lock Down Diary” and this can be found on our website under News and Views.