Newsletter – May 2018

Thanks To:

Nicola Batten, Morwenna Lloyd and Caroline Seaman for the refreshments this month and to those who help put out and tidied up the chairs and also thanks to all those who helped with the Plant Sale.  Many thanks, as well, to Jane Cross for offering to be a back-up to Jeremy and Eddie on setting up the audio equipment in the Hall and for taking over publicity of the Club.

Welcome to:

New members Donald Adams from Kingsland and Michael Marriott from Ludlow

Don’t Forget:

  • This month’s speaker is a change to the published programme.  Bill Laws will be talking on ‘Plants that changed the course of history’
  • The forms for both the visit to Stockton Bury Gardens on June 26th and the Lavender Farmon July 31st are now on our website and will be available on Club night.  We really do need to know if you are coming on these outing soon so that we can confirm the arrangements.

25th September – Christine Walkden:

As of this month the sale of tickets is open to members to buy guest tickets, before they go on sale in Orleton Village Shop from the 1st June and before we open up the sale to other local gardening clubs.

On the evening, we will need extra help organising the event.  Refreshments will be served in the small hall, we will need first aiders, fire marshals, car park attendants to name but a few, as well as help to clear up at the end of the evening.  Please see a member of the committee if you are able to help.

Plant Sale:

What a tremendous success!!  Having been worried we were on our own, your committee was overwhelmed with the support received.  THANKS to Hilary for organising the day, and to the many members (too numerous to mention!) who turned up at 11.00 am to help set up, to those who brought plants, those that were there all day helping to sell and tidying up at the end of the day.

We could not believe it, there was a queue of customers outside at least 15 minutes before we were due to open and the plants just disappeared!!  We raised over one thousand pounds including the teas and cakes (thanks Pat and Margaret for stepping in at the last minute!)

Note for next year – more vegetables please.

Holding these successful plants sales means that we will be able to have another celebrity speaker soon.

GDPR – Data Protection

You are probably tired of hearing about GDPR from all your internet contacts, but we are still waiting for a few members to return their forms.  If you only read about this in the paper copy, and haven’t received your email copy, please complete a form and return it to the club as soon as possible.

This is a legal requirement and we are unable to send you emails without your written permission.

38th ANNUAL SHOW – Saturday 18th August 2018:

The day when gardening club members can show off their expertise is less than three months away.  But don’t panic you still have enough time to make those jams, chutneys, crafts, cordials and cider.  Details of all the classes (including the open ones) are in the Show Schedule, available ready printed here tonight:  from Orleton village shop, or preferably print off your own from the website.

The focus this month is on the Show Schedule itself.

Attention needs to be paid to the following ruling:

Those sharing in the cultivation of, and exhibiting from, the same garden, allotment and/or house are considered to be a single exhibitor.  Thus, a maximum of two entries only per class will be allowed from the same garden, allotment and/or house. 

Section A (Vegetables) and Section B (Cut Flowers), are where members may only exhibit their own produce and flowers.  READ THE SCHEDULE – in particular the HINTS TO EXHIBITORS at the back.  This tells you exactly how to stage your produce and what the judges will be looking for on the day.  All exhibits should be staged as attractively as possible so leave yourself plenty of time to do this; it can often be the deciding factor between first and second place.

In Section A – Vegetables should be in good condition, clean and fresh, without blemishes and the same size, colour and variety.  Pay particular attention to the number of specimens to be exhibited, the length of any stalks required, and the importance of uniformity

In Section B – Cut Flowers, remove any damaged or discoloured leaves and flowers from your exhibits.  The judge will notice anything that spoils an entry, and in the container of mixed flowers in Class 39 he WILL count the number of DIFFERENT species contained therein.  When displaying 3 HT roses choose from the same species and colour 1 open bloom/1 semi open bloom/1 bud showing colour – thus showing the judge the 3 stages of that particular rose.  Remove any side buds especially from dahlias as these will count as a bloom.  It is a good idea to pick your dahlias the day before the show and place in water overnight, ensuring that they are standing tall when you exhibit them the following day.  It is worth also paying attention to the vases/containers you use – a single tall delphinium for example needs a tall thin necked vase to show it off to perfection.

There is no excuse not to put those entries in on the 18th.  In recent years the number of entries has gone up so PLEASE let’s make 2018 the best year ever!!!!!  The show committee work very hard over the year organising the show, but entries are wholly down to YOU our members.  So, come on – the Annual Show is OUR special event of the year.  Don’t leave it to just a few of us to provide those entries – get busy now and remember we all experience the same summer weather.  Don’t prejudge your own entries.  We have RHS standard judges to do that on the day.  Just bring along what you have – it may well prove to be a winning entry on the day.

Monica is looking for volunteers for Stewards on the day, we need two people for each section, so please see her and let her know if you are willing to help on the day.

Surplus produce:

There are times of the year when we all have surplus produce, be it fruit or vegetables.  Val Mifflin, the owner of Parry’s Fruit and Vegetable shop in Leominster has advised that she is always happy to take locally grown produce (not too many courgettes!) during the season.  The only stipulation – it cannot be from an allotment – it is illegal to sell produce grown on an allotment.

Next meeting:

As we have already advised because the kitchen in the Hall is being refurbished, our next meeting on 26th June is an afternoon visit to Stockton Bury gardens.  Please hand in your form to Gill Macefield as soon as possible, and no later than 15th June, if you wish to come along.