Newsletter – May 2021

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The Village Hall reopened as planned on the 17th May and your committee took advantage of this on the 24th to hold a, socially distanced, face to face meeting – the first time since September last year – instead of in my very wet and windy garden!

We are still planning, depending on the ‘road map out’ still being the 21st June, of going ahead with the programme we have already announced for June – plant sale and social evening, July – Kevin Alviti and August – our annual show.

29th June – Plant sale and social evening:
We will be opening the Hall at 2.00 pm for delivery of plants and setting up.  We will then open the doors to members and the public from 4.00 pm to 6.00 pm.

For our social evening, as we are unsure of what the rules will be about providing refreshments, we suggest that you bring your own food and drink (or whatever you fancy!) and we are hoping that we won’t need to be the 2 metres apart by then!! 

We are calling it a social evening as we do have a couple of announcements to make!

We are having our next committee meeting on the 21st June, when we hope things will be a lot clearer!

27th July – Kevin Alviti:

Kevin is going to talk to us on “Unusual fruit and Vegetables to grow”  More details can be found out about Kevin on his website.


14th August – Annual Show:
The Schedule has now been finalised and is available on the web site.  If you are unable to print your own copy, please advise and we will bring you one along to the June meeting. 

September / October / November:
Gill has now been able to approach speakers for these dates and we will confirm them once we are sure we are back to normal!

A little bit extra:
Each year we provide a full and varied programme allowing members to enjoy many different subjects.  From a variety of flowers and vegetables through to information on how to improve your garden and of course the delights of seeing some of the professional gardens in UK and further beyond.

Next year Gill Macefield – our Programme Secretary – is considering looking at adding to the programme with a small range of hands-on workshops.  These would cover subjects such as Willow weaving into a Garden Obelisk or a Bird Feeder, or maybe Foraging to discover a new way to look at weeds.

The workshops would be either held at the Orleton Village Hall or at a venue within the local area, depending on the subject covered. 

Please let Gill know via the Orleton and Distract Club email – – if you think this is going to be a useful addition to the programme and would be interested in attending. The Workshops will be for members only.

Hamnish Gardening Club:
We have been given advanced notice of a celebrity speaker that Hamnish Gardening Club have been able to book for the 18th January 2022 – Chris Beardshaw!  In view of the current situation, they are not confirming any further details at this time but watch this space!


Fibrex Nurseries:
Those of you who love Pelargoniums may already know this but, for years Fibrex Nurseries has been the home of the National collection of Pelargoniums and Hedera and they have announced that they are retiring.

The collection has found a new home in that it is going to be integrated into the 5 RHS gardens but Fibrex have kept one full display for this year.

Details can be found on

NGS Open Gardens:
NGS Shropshire do send details of their open gardens to the Club but they are always with too short notice to be included in our newsletters but their details can be found at 

NGS Herefordshire do not have the facilities to send out details yet but the Yellow Book is available at the Tourist Information office and at Hintons to name but a few.

Heath House, Hopton Heath:
The gardens of Heath House are being opened for the local church on the 25th July and if we are allowed to open on the 29th June, I will display the poster they have sent!

Hopefully, see you on the 29th June but in the meantime, keep safe and keep gardening.