Newsletter – November 2020

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In my September up-date I said that your Committee were hoping to hold some sort of AGM on the 15th December but in view of the current situation – the rule of 30 still applying to the Village Hall with social distancing, wearing a mask and no refreshments – we have decided that this is not feasible.

We have now held a Committee meeting via Zoom and have decided that we are going to delay the re-opening of the Club until March, at the earliest.

Gill had a broad outline of the 2021 programme last February but is now finding it difficult to find any speaker who will commit and/ or confirm that they are prepared to speak in January or February.

We realise that by March 2021 we will have missed a whole year of meetings so have decided on the following way forward on your membership fee:

  • Those members who paid their membership renewal in January or February 2020 will be automatically renewed until December 2021.

  • Those who did not manage to renew before the lockdown in March 2020 can do so between now and our first meeting in March 2021 (fingers crossed) at the same fee of £12.50.

  • Under our rules members who have not renewed by the end of June are automatically removed from our active records and no longer receive communications. However, in view of the situation this year, we have not removed anyone from our email list and will not do so until June 2021 unless you wish to opt out and therefore specifically ask us to remove you.

  • The dates for our 2021 meetings will be on our website soon but are still the normal – the last Tuesday of the month.

  • As we are unable to get speakers to commit, we will not be issuing a new membership card until at least March 2021.

Although we will not be holding our A.G.M. in December, our Treasurer Gail will be producing
the annual accounts and getting them audited and we will circulate these in December.

It isn’t too late to late to place your seed orders, don’t forget these must be placed through me
to get your discounts:

Marshalls – 50% off all seeds, 20% off potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic and 10% off
everything else. In view of the high order levels they are receiving it is a good idea to check
on line to see if what you want is still in stock!! Marshalls send your order direct to your home.

T&M – 50% off seeds and 20% off everything else. T&M orders have to be collected from me.

I still have a good stock of gloves, vermiculite and root trainer replacement cells which can be
collected from me.

Welcome to new member Chris Howell from Yarpole.

Keep safe