Newsletter – September 2017

Welcome back, after what appears to have been far too long away – and our very successful August Show – see below – we are back in the Hall this month and our Speaker is Leila Jackson, who won Gold at Chelsea this year with her Abutilons.

Many of you will remember her brilliant talk on this subject.

Her talk this time is on the “Versatile world of Salvias”

Many thanks to Chris and John Berry for doing the refreshments this month and for those of you who help setting up and putting away the chairs at the end of the evening.

At the moment we don’t have any volunteers for refreshments in October.  If you can help please let Sheila Ellison (or a member of the committee) know.

2017 August Show

The annual show is over for another year!

This year it was another success.  Despite a reduced membership we had a lot of entries (325) and it was almost the largest number since 2007.  We also had entries from nearly a third of our members.

Many of the entries were put in by our newer members and the results reflected this.  The prizes and certificates were spread across the membership.  This should bode well for the future of the show since, hopefully, people will have seen that they can win prizes and they will be encouraged to enter more next year.

The results have been published in Grapevine and they are also available on theGardening Club website.

However, this year was a bit different, since Monica was unable to attend and act as chief steward.  She was urgently admitted to hospital a few days before the show.  Happily, she is now out of hospital.

So, it was up to the rest of us to pick up Monica’s jobs and make the show a success.

Many people were involved in the show and it is difficult to pick any particular person for thanks.  The show sub-committee would like to thank everyone who helped out both on the day and beforehand with the planning.

Planning will now start for next year’s show and we hope that the 2018 show sub-committee will build on the success of this year’s show.  If you wish to be involved in planning next year’s show please let Monica know.

We collected up all the Certificates left behind after the Show and these can be collected from Bobbie on Club night.  There are also some items of property left behind and together with some items of lost property, one specific item being a blue Parker pen.  Please see a member of the Committee if you can help with any of these items.

Titley Lunch – Sunday 22nd October 2017:

Forms have been emailed to you and will be available in the Hall and   are on the web. These MUST be returned to Monica by 9thOctober at the latest.

2018 Seed orders:

Again this year we will be offering both Marshalls and T&M – terms for both are the same as last year and the catalogues should be available on Club night – Marshalls have arrived but not T&M as we write.

Marshalls: 50% on all seeds, 20% on all potatoes, onions, shallots and garlic and 10% on all young plants, fruit trees, soft fruit and gardening equipment.  This applies once the first order has reached £100.

T&M: 50% on all seeds, 20% on potatoes, fruit, onion sets, bulbs and plants.  The first order must be £100 or more after discount.

These discounts only apply if the order is placed through the Club so please return your completed order form to Monica, either by post (Arrow Heights, Leominster, HR6 8QE) or at the October meeting.  If you are in a hurry to order your garlic and onions then either deliver or post your order to Monica soon!!

Plant table:

Just a gentle reminder that we have a plant sales table every month we are in the Hall (not AGM night).  Over time we seem to have forgotten that not everyone grows fruit and vegetables so remember, if you have any surplus produce bring it along and donate it to the Club for sale on Club night.  We also seem to have more members keeping chicken so surplus eggs are always welcome.

Volunteers needed:

ECHO is looking for volunteers to help at their new gardening project at Eaton Barn, Leominster.  ECHO is a local charity that supports adults with learning disabilities to lead more independent lives.

For more information, please check their website.  The Eaton Barn project is at Eaton Barns, Stoke Prior Road, Leominster HR6 0NA.

October Club night:

Our speaker on the 31st October is Marion Stainton on Raised Bed vegetable growing