What have Plants Ever Done For Us?                                                                   

We welcome back Timothy Walker who spoke to us  about Euphorbias in May 2022.

He was director the University of Oxford Botanic Garden for 26 years during which time the Garden won four Gold Medals at the Chelsea Flower Show.  
In 2011 he presented a three-part series on BBC4 on the history of Botany. 
Since 2014 he has been a lecturer & tutor in Plant Biology at Somerville College Oxford

About the talk this evening, Timothy Walker says:

Rarely does a minute go by when we are not involved in an activity that would be impossible without the help of plants.  This talk looks at mankind’s dependence on plants for everything from food to film and from painkillers to paint.  It also examines the ways in which our exploitation of plants could keep up with demand from an increasing global population and what we as individuals can do to help future generations.