Newsletter – May 2024

To Mary Locock and Hilary Ivey for providing the refreshments this month and those members
who help set up and tidy up the Hall on the evening.
We could do with a little extra help tomorrow evening as Nick may be a little late, so help with
carry tables would be appreciated.

Your Membership Subscription was due in January. There are still a few who haven’t
renewed. The cost for 2024 is £15 and as it includes your refreshments, we are sure you
will agree it is still good value. Please see our Treasurer – Gail Scott – to renew.
Please remember that cheques must be made payable to ODGC or Orleton and District
Gardening Club as these are the only form of payee that the Bank will accept.
This month’s speaker is Sue Mabberley on “Wild gardening at Nant-y-Bedd Garden”

AGM – 30 th JULY:
No requests for any changes to our Rules or Information have been received so they will remain
as shown on our website and as amended at our EGM in July 2023.

Once again, the day dawned dry and sunny and volunteers and donations started arriving as soon
as we were setting up!
Many thanks to all those who arrived to set up, those with donations of plants and those who
helped all day. All of this led to our most successful sale yet!
Also, many thanks to the “tea ladies”, who despite a slow start, had their most successful day yet!
A successful Plant Sales means we are able to afford the quality of speakers that we are getting
used to. This year’s sale has nearly covered the cost of the speakers already booked for 2025.
However, it has become obvious that not only our members, but the public as well, are
anticipating us starting to sell earlier than advertised and although I said in the last newsletter that
we would start to sell as soon as we were ready, people were waiting to buy from 12.00 pm!
So, with the agreement of the “tea ladies” who have also made a suggestion about next year, we
will start setting up from 10.00 am and start selling from 11.00 am (and NOT before) and sales
will be cash only.
Alison and her band of helpers have suggested that they add bacon baps (and sausage if you
prefer) to their menu. They will do some cakes as well, especially if you want their take away
Once again, many thanks to all those who made it a successful day.

Because we have removed Floral Art from the Schedule, some changes are being made to the
layout of the Hall on Show Day. Next month, when we have our Webmaster, we will be
attaching a copy of the new layout to the newsletter.
However, this month Jane and her helpers will have a publicity table at the back of the Hall to
explain some of the changes.
The Show Group are looking for someone with calligraphy skill to write the names on the
Certificates once the scoring is completed. If you are able to help, please see Jane tomorrow

Orleton Village are holding two events over the weekend of 8 th and 9 th June.
On Saturday, 8 th gardens around the village will be open, with refreshments being served in the
Church. See our notice board for more information.
On Sunday the 9 th there is a Fete being held on the recreation ground with activities starting at
1.00 pm. There is a dog show, stalls, BBQ, Archery, entertainment and much more, including a
stall run by ODGC with tubs planted by Hilary as raffle prizes and a few plants. If anyone has
any flowers left after our plant sale, please let me know.

Timothy Walker is returning and speaking on “What have plants ever done for us?”