Newsletter – June 2024

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Thanks To:
Helen Edwards and Elmien Nibblett for the refreshments this month.
Thanks also to the members now helping to put out and clear away the chairs for the meeting.

Welcome to:
New (re-joining!) member Judith Sanders of Orleton.

This month’s speaker:

Timothy Walker is talking on the subject “What have plants ever done for us”.  Timothy spoke to us in May 2022 on the subject of Euphorbias.  He was a director of Oxford Botanic Gardens for 26 years and has been a lecturer at Somerville College, Oxford.

AGM – 30th July:
For new members and those with short memories, our procedure is thus:  the AGM is held promptly at 7.30 pm, but normally lasts only about half an hour. The remainder of the evening is a shared supper – we all bring food to share, one savoury and one sweet plate, that are put on the central table, plus you bring whatever you would like to drink.  Bring your own crockery, cutlery and glasses and remember to put your names on any plates, etc being put on the centre table.  The Club supplies bread, butter and cheese and there are supplies available if you wish to make yourself a tea or coffee BUT don’t forget to wash up after yourself!

There have been no suggested amendments to our Constitution or Rules nor any volunteers to join the committee so the formal side shouldn’t take too long.

The 2025 programme is now complete and will be announced although it will be a little time before it will be available on our website.

The Hall will be open from 7.00 pm and help would be appreciated to set up all the tables.

43rd ANNUAL SHOW – Saturday 17th August 2024:
The Schedule for the Show is live on our website in an A4 and booklet version. 
When looking at the schedule and thinking of what you can enter, please remember we have all had the same growing conditions this year and remember what our Vegetable judge – David Griffiths – always says “don’t prejudge your entries, it is his job to do the judging”.
If every member puts in at least a couple of entries, it will make for a successful show.
Jane and her band of helpers have everything under control for a very successful show

2024 Subscription renewals:
There are a few people who still haven’t renewed their subscription and, under our membership rules you will be deemed to have resigned and your details will be removed from our active records.

I will write separately to those concerned by the end of June and confirm that your details have been removed. 
You are, of course, very welcome to re-join at any time.

Visit to Nant-y-Bedd gardens – 27th August:

The form for the visit is on our website and the closing date is Tuesday, 25th June.  This is because the July meeting is our AGM and the August meeting is our Show so there won’t be any opportunities to collect forms.

Our next speaker:
The speaker in September is Rowan Griffiths from Hergest Croft Gardens on the subject of Magnolias and we are hoping to arrange a guided visit to the gardens in 2025 at Magnolia time.