Creating a buzz about the Honeybee                                                                               

Meriet is a children’s author, public speaker and beekeeper.

She lives in a small village in the beautiful County of Herefordshire. She’s married, has three incredible sons, two wonderful grandchildren, a beautiful fox-red Labrador, very naughty horse and a small apiary.

As a child she loved writing stories, but being dyslexic, it made things at school – back in the 60’s – very difficult for her. As she grew older she used her camera to speak for her and subsequently became a professional and editorial portrait photographer.

In 2010 she was introduced to beekeeping and fell in love with the honeybees. It didn’t take long for her to want to learn as much as she could about them and the more knowledge she acquired the more she wanted to tell everyone about these incredible, honourable creatures. What an achievement it would be to change the perceptions about honeybees and, she thought, where better to start than with young children through the medium of their schools and parents who will all learn at the same time. And so, she wrote her first children’s book.

When she is not busy writing, Meriet give talks at events, in schools, communities and businesses about honeybees, hoping her passion and respect for them changes people’s perception of them. There is so much we can learn from a thriving colony of honeybees; at home, at school, in the community and business.