There were 30 members present at the meeting

1. Apologies: Julian Todd, Rose Jones, Marjan Bartlett-Freriks
2. Minutes of the 2018 AGM:

Approved proposed Jane Cross
seconded Nuchia Mortimer
carried unanimously.

3. Matters arising: none
4. Chairman’s report: copy attached (See below)
5. Treasurers report: copy attached
6. Programme Secretary’s report: The programme for the 2020 was presented and is now available on the web
7. Adoption of reports: proposed Brian Arundale seconded Sheila Ellison
carried unanimously
8. Correspondence: none
9. Election of Officers:

Chairman Nick Russell proposed Sue Brown
Vice Chairman Peter Furneaux seconded Gill Macefield
Secretary Monica Todd carried unanimously
Treasurer Gail Scott

10. Election of Committee Members:
The remaining Committee members re-elected on block
Proposed – Peter Furneaux Seconded – Sheila Ellison Carried – unanimously
New committee member – Ghi Arundale
Proposed – Michelle Parry Seconded – Peter Foster Carried – unanimously

11. Appointment of Auditor:
Helen Webb not able to carry on as Auditor and so far, no-one appointed. Must be independent, not a club member.

12. Any other business:
a) The Village Hall committee are proposing renovating the toilets and the ODGC committee are suggesting we give a £500 donation.

Agreed unanimously

b) In Marjan Bartlett Freriks absence, Jane Cross has been asked to suggested that, in view of all the work they do on behalf of ODGC, Monica and Hilary are made Honorary Members.

Proposed – Marjan Bartlett Freriks Seconded – Jane Cross and Nick Russell
Carried – unanimously

This is the fifth report I have written as chairman and I know we all want to get through the AGM and eat so I will be brief.

I believe 2019 has been an excellent year for the club, a new website, great plant sale and wonderful show, that is before we even think about our celebrity speaker, evening talks, meals out and club outings.

As a result our bank balance is very healthy, our membership is increasing, and the club appears to be in a very good place.

This is all down to the hard work of the committee and helpers who are not on the committee but do a huge amount of work behind the scenes to ensure everything runs smoothly.
I think we should thank them for all their hard work.

On the subject of thanks, Diane Howell-Thomas will no longer be able to do the teas at the plant sale and show. She has done sterling work at these for many years and her tea will be sorely missed! Thank you, Diane, for all you have done. Any volunteers to take over?