There were 25 members present at the meeting

1. Apologies: Gill and Tony Macefield, Joanna and Rolland Munro, Lynne Bradley, Judy Knight, Jennifer Jones, Julian Todd

2. Minutes of the 2020 AGM:
Due to the Covid Pandemic there was no AGM in December 2020 so the following was sent out to members in an update, sent out on the 9th February, 2021:


As you are aware our year ends on the 30th November and we had planned to hold our AGM on the 15th December, 2020.

In accordance with our rules, our Treasurer Gail closed the 2019/2020 accounts and had them audited and a copy is attached to prove we haven’t done a runner with the money!!

Our Chairman, Nick Russell signed a copy of this Update at the 2021 AGM

3. Matters arising: none

4. Chairman’s report: copy attached (see below)

5. Treasurers report: copy attached

6. Programme Secretary’s report: The programme for the 2022 was presented and is now available on the web

7. Adoption of reports: proposed Sue Brown seconded Peter Furneaux
carried unanimously

8. Correspondence: none

9. Election of Officers:

a) Chairman Nick Russell Proposed – Peter Furneaux Seconded –Di Belton-Elliott Carried unanimously

b) Vice Chairman Peter Furneaux Proposed – Nick Russell
Seconded – Monica Todd
Carried unanimously

c) Secretary Monica Todd Proposed –Diane Russell Seconded –Caroline Seaman Carried unanimously

d) Treasurer Gail Scott Proposed – Nick Russell Seconded – Monica Todd
carried unanimously

10. Election of Committee Members:

The remaining Committee members, who had not been elected as Officers were prepared to stay on the Committee.

Ghi Arundale, Jane Cross, David Davies, Gill Macefield

Proposed – Diane Russell Seconded – Marjan Bartlett-Freriks Carried – unanimously

11. Appointment of Auditor:

Peter King has agreed to audit our 2022 accounts

12. The Chairman thanked Gill Macefield, in her absence, for her work as Programme Secretary

13. Any other business: None


It was so nice to get back to some normality after all the cancelled months. We started with a very hastily arranged, but very successful Plant Sales on what should have been our June meeting night. The rest of the year carried on with our Show and speakers.
We finished the year with an increasing Membership and our finances are good considering no subs were collected this year
Thanks to Hilary and Sheila for the monthly plant sale and to them and all our members for their plant donations for the June sale, these sales largely keep us solvent.
Gill has put together an exciting programme for 2022 with a couple of visits to interesting gardens planned.
All in all considering the last 2 years ODGC is in a pretty good place.