Scented Violets

Winter Scent.

Gail is a plantswoman and metal artist.
She lectures on scented plants with a touch of science and history thrown in.
She also designs and supplies scented gardens, working closely with the client so that they can then easily take care of the new garden once Gail leaves.
Her metalwork is designed and made to show and help release a plant’s fragrance.

Click here for a report of the evening ,  and below is a list of Gail’s recommendation for winter scent.

Winter scented plants
saracococca, confusa and hookerii digyma.
prunus beni mume chidori
chimonanthus praecox ;winter sweet
hamamelis;witch hazel
viburnum; bodnantense “Dawn” and farrier
Daphne odora aureomarginata
Rosemary;lodden pink, capr, and prostrate.
Mahonia, charity
Winter clematis, Cirrhosa “jingle bells” “freckles” and “armandii”, “wisley cream”
Honeysuckle Lonicera fragrantissima “mint crisp” and “winter beauty”
Viola odotata   ( wood violet)
Iris reticulata
Perennial wallflower Erysimium Bowles Mauve
Chamomile (lawn variety)
primrose vulgaris