Sack Trucks and wheelbarrows

We welcome back Paul Hand who has entertained us previously with his lively talks.

Paul Hand is predominately a gardener, but is also one of the founders of the charity Bees and Trees Trust, which started some 25 years ago. 

The Bees and Trees Trust is about :-
Promoting –    Orchards and old varieties of apples and other fruits
Conserving –   Native honey bees and the use of traditional straw hives
Developing –   A positive relationship between people and the natural world

When asked to describe himself he replied….he has always been difficult to remove from the garden, but once started, it is difficult to stop talking!

Paul then said, “fortunately he is quite old and has known a lot of very interesting people and he enjoys sharing the knowledge and tales they have themselves shared”.

He confessed he can be both interesting and entertaining and he has been known to stray from the subject in the title of his talks.

Paul Hand has done bits of T.V. and radio as well as just getting on with just being a gardener !