Plants of the Season                                                                                                     

Paul says:
I have always been interested in plants. I made all my pocket money by selling surplus garden produce and plants I produced when growing up.

My ambition to go into commercial horticulture was questioned by many – especially my careers advisor at school. Horticulture as a career has never got the respect it deserves.

Despite this, I knew it was what I wanted and thirty-ish years later it is the only industry I’ve ever worked in. Foliage houseplant production in Worcestershire, hardy nursery stock production in Herefordshire, a stint in Oregon on a specialist nursery and lots of visits to nurseries large and small have given me a broad experience.

I did my National Diploma in Horticulture at Pershore College in nursery stock production (1991 – 94).

Green’s Leaves started as a small “hobby” nursery in ‘94 – it has grown in size and range. My taste in plants is very wide – eclectic or weird, you decide!

As well as doing talks and showing at plant fairs around the country, I help with the running of Rare Plant Fair events.

There is always more to learn – more plants to get excited about..