Newsletter – May 2023

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Thanks To:
Nicola Batten and Lynda Charlton for the refreshments this month.

The rota for refreshments will be doing the rounds this month as we need volunteers for June, September, October and November.

The Club supplies the tea, coffee and sugar. Volunteers are asked to bring milk, biscuits and tea towels.

Following the need to cancel last month we have had a few members volunteer to put out and tidy up the chairs, so thanks to them. We will start up a rota for this so that what happened in April doesn’t have to happen again.


This month’s speaker:
Phillip Aubury is speaking on “Keeping them in shape – Pruning – the why, when and how”. He will be bringing tools and bits and pieces to demonstrate on. He will also be bringing some plants for sale.


Plant Sale – 21st May:
The weather was definitely on our side on Sunday 21st and we were able to be outside again and this has proved to be the best place to be for sales! Although less than last year we raised over £950 (including the tea and cake sales and the books!!) for our funds.
We were definitely short on plant donations, especially vegetables, but we have all had the same difficulties growing these.
We are looking at the changing the start time next year as being outside encourages passers-by and the refreshment ladies are also in favour of this.
“Dan the man” had a very successful day also being outside and is already booked for tool sharpening again next year.

EGM – 25th July:
The deadline for members to suggest alterations to our Rules has now passed so in the next few days we will publish on the website the alterations your committee is proposing.

42nd ANNUAL SHOW – Saturday 19th August 2023:

Finalising the Schedule has been a bit slow this mainly because we have had no offers of help and your secretary is running slow! Hopefully, this will be finalised in the next couple of weeks and published on the website.

Next month:

Our speaker is Adam Alexander on “Meetings with remarkable vegetables” This might give you some ides of things to grow for next year’s Plant Sale!

Last but not least:
Are you the helpful lady who last year helped choose plants from all the different stalls for a man who wanted a selection of wild flower perennials to go under fruit and nut trees bought from Matthews at Berrington?
If you are, please have a word with Monica as he would like some more help!!