Plant Sale: June 29th

On 29 June Orleton and District Gardening Club held its annual plant sale at Orleton Village Hall.  This had been postponed for almost two months because of the pandemic and in order to comply with Covid restrictions could not be held inside the village hall as usual but in the car park. 

Trestle tables were set up parallel with the hall, leaving plenty of space for visitor parking. Donations were invited from 2 pm and the sale opened at 4pm.  This was the first event that the gardening club had been able to put on since February 2020 and after the privations of the pandemic members and visitors were delighted to rub socially distanced shoulders and catch up with old friends and make new acquaintances.  The sun shone and the afternoon became very warm requiring emergency water rations for some plants which were wilting in the heat!

A wide variety of plants were offered for sale including vegetables, soft fruit, herbs, flowers, shrubs, succulents and houseplants.  As usual the plant sale offered an opportunity, not only to buy plants, but also to swap hints on cultivation and propagation.  The outside venue was pronounced a success leaving plenty of space for visitors to view and select plants.

Although the club was not allowed to offer refreshments this year and did not have its full complement of stalls, the plant sale was well attended and helped to raise funds for the club.  ODGC would like to thank everyone who donated plants and all who eschewed the rival attractions of Wembley and Wimbledon to attend and make the afternoon a success.

The gardening club looks forward to resuming its regular talks and events at Orleton Village Hall on the last Tuesday of the month and extends a warm welcome to all.

Ghislaine Arundale


Photos courtesy of Stacey Block Perry