Plant Sale: May 19th
In May the gardening club held its annual plant sale.  There were more plants than ever before and the proceeds will help to fund our speakers through the year ahead.

Visit to The Laskett Gardens: May 28th
Many members also took advantage of the opportunity to visit The Laskett Gardens in Much Birch on May 28th.  These privately owned gardens have been created over the last 4 decades by the historian Sir Roy Strong and his late wife, the designer, Dr Julia Trevelyan Oman. The audio tour, narrated by Sir Roy, gives an insight into the inspiration for each element of the gardens and, indeed, into their varied and interesting lives, particularly their work in the arts.
Together they transformed a four acre field into a series of garden rooms and vistas, including a rose garden, an orchard, a knot garden, fountains, herbaceous borders, statuary and an array of topiary.  The garden continues to evolve with two new mosaics and a Belvedere added in 2018.