A Productive Year in a Small Greenhouse

Nick Morgan. M Hort. RHS Retired to Gloucestershire in 2016 after 23 years working in key roles within the Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) as RHS Horticultural Specialist and Superintendent of the RHS Garden Wisley glass and propagation departments. He has been a member of the RHS Tender Ornamental Plant Committee, trained as an advisor by the Independent Standards Organisation (BASIS) for pesticides, fertilisers for amenity horticulture, and hold the RHS Master of Horticulture award.

A small greenhouse can add another dimension to our gardening experience, Nick has always had one or two greenhouses in his garden, and, even after spending most of his working in day in RHS glasshouses, he enjoyed spending time in his own greenhouses growing lots of fresh fruit and vegetables and raising new plants. Now in retirement he would not be without his small greenhouse.

In his talk, Nick will pass on some of his experiences in getting the most out of even the smallest greenhouse.  Who knows, he just might persuade some of you  to invest in a greenhouse  for the first time.