Self Sufficient Fruit Grower                                                                               

We welcome back Kevin Alviti for his third visit to our club.     

Kevin Says:

I’m so excited to put this talk together. I am so passionate about growing lots of fruit here on our smallholding. We have over 70 varieties of apple, 15 plus varieties of plum, loads of damson and bullaces, dozens of soft fruit bushes. A mix of usual and unusual, all as we strive to grow enough fruit to enjoy year round. 
We do a healthy bit of preserving but also show how we use the items we store in our pantry, think delicious apple crumble made with dried apples, or cherry upside-down cake made with cherries canned in syrup. 
Many garden clubs have said how they like having a few talks a year that are about growing food and this one will fit the bill perfectly, I grow fruit in many different scales, from a full orchard to cordon apple trees planted 2ft apart or a trained plum grown at the back of a shipping container.  

Club reports from Kevin’s previous visits:
July 2021 and Jan 2022