Newsletter – July 2023

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This month, although we announced it a few months ago, the programme is slightly different to that shown on your membership card.

In addition to the Shared Supper, we are holding an EGM.

As you have received details of the changes your committee are proposing, most of which have come as a result of suggestions made at the AGM last December, I will not repeat myself!

I will just mention one suggestion that was made in that a member suggested we have cookery demonstrations using things we have grown but we thought this was a little difficult so please use the shared supper to show your skills!

However, as this is the first shared supper we have had since the AGM in December 2019, I will go into a little detail for the benefit of newer members.

Each member is asked to bring a plate of savoury and a plate of dessert to be shared amongst the members. All the food is put on a central table and members will help themselves as their table is asked to come forward. The Club will be supplying bread, butter and cheese.

Please put your name on your plate (and serving utensils if needed) that you are putting on the central table so it is easy to get them back to the rightful owner. You would be amazed how many things are left unclaimed at the end of the evening

Please bring your own plates and cutlery, also anything you would like to drink with your meal. There is tea and coffee available BUT please wash up after yourself.

The Hall will be open from 7.00 pm with the intention of starting the EGM at 7.15 pm so that we can then have our supper!

42nd Annual Show – 19th August:
The schedule is on our website in both booklet and A4 format so please read carefully BUT don’t prejudge any of your entries, that is what the judges are for.

Thank you for the volunteers who came forward to be stewards, I will send out copies of the notes in a couple of weeks.

Hamnish Gardening Club:
Have been able to rebook Nick Bailey (no introduction needed?!) for a talk entitled “365 days of colour in your garden” on Tuesday 3rd. October at 7.00 pm in the John Abel Room at Grange Court in Leominster.

Tickets are £10.00 each and can be bought from Alex,, and can be collected on the door – there will be no tickets sales at the door. There will be a raffle and refreshments. Car parking at Grange Court is limited, but there is easy and free parking in Etnam Street car park, there will be signs directing you to The Grange.

Last but not least:
Do you need any jam jars?

Please see Monica as a friend is having to have a clear out and would like to give the jam jars to a good home rather than the tip!



Next month:
August is the month of our annual Show, please let’s make it a good one!